Quepem on way to achieve zero-waste status

Navhind Times | 8 months ago | 23-05-2022 | 02:16 am

Quepem on way to achieve zero-waste status

Panaji: Quepem Municipal Council is heading towards becoming the first urban local body in the state to achieve garbage-free status.The Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs awards the status to the urban local bodies for achieving a high degree of cleanliness and hygiene under the Swachh Bharat Mission 2.0.Quepem has become the first municipal council in Goa to reach the final stages of achieving the feat. The council has now applied before the Goa State Urban Development Agency (GSUDA) for a third party verification and validation for achieving a star rating.As per the protocol, cities or towns fulfilling the necessary conditions for garbage-free star rating (any rating from 1 to 7 stars) must carry out a self-assessment and self-verification for self-declaration as a garbage-free city or town.The city or the town must fulfill the necessary conditions before declaring a city/ ward for garbage-free star rating. The conditions include 100% door-to-door waste collection, 80% of all the households/ premises should have segregation at source, twin litter bins (blue and green) should be available in at least 80% of the public and commercial areas at every 50-100 metres, waste transportation should be available with or without transfer station to the processing centre and there should be availability of fully functional material recovery facilities for garbage collection, sorting, storage, recycling, processing and sale in every 5-km radius.The other conditions include all commercial bulk waste generators undertaking onsite processing of wet waste generated and handing over the segregated dry waste to the authorised waste pickers, implementation of spot fines for non-segregation, anti-littering, enforcement of ban on the use of plastic bags less than 50 microns and scientifically managing the municipal solid waste, plastic waste and construction and demolition waste.Upon satisfactory verification, the municipal commissioner/ chief officer/ chairperson of the council may self-declare garbage-free star rating of the city.The municipal commissioner/ chief officer/ chairperson of the council may then notify it through a public notification while communicating the same to the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs through the state government.In December 2019, after carrying out the self-assessment and self-verification for achieving the garbage-free star rating, the Quepem Municipal Council had sought feedback and objections from the public as per the prescribed protocol and thereafter on completion of the procedure, the chief officer of the council adopted a resolution to self-declare Quepem as a garbage-free municipal council.Now this self-declaration will be further verified and validated by an independent third party agency appointed by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs for a 3-star, 5-star or 7-star garbage-free rating.Many other urban local bodies in the state are at various stages of achieving the zero waste status.

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