Discovery of empty milk packet at Margao field raises questions on Sonsoddo waste

Times of India | 1 month ago | 08-12-2022 | 09:40 pm

Discovery of empty milk packet at Margao field raises questions on Sonsoddo waste

Margao: Discarded empty milk packets found in garbage dumps in Margao have come in for some amusing use: building rhetoric to prove or dismiss a point or two on waste management. If chairperson of Margao Municipal Council (MMC) Damodar Shirodkar relied on an old empty milk packet found at Sonsoddo to refute all allegations of inefficiency of the bioremediation work at Sonsoddo, Savio Coutinho of Shadow Council for Margao on Wednesday used the same “empty milk packet theory” to counter Shirodkar’s claim.As a team of Goa State Pollution Control Board (GSPCB) officials descended on a low-lying field at old market Margao on Wednesday to inspect the site following a complaint by the Shadow Council that screened mixed garbage from Sonsoddo was dumped in the field, Coutinho picked up an empty milk packet from the waste dumped in the field and found Rs 13 printed on it – the same rate that Shirodkar claimed to have found printed on the packet recently found at Sonsoddo.“If finding a milk packet at Sonsodo was described as successful bioremediation work, then what does finding a similar milk packet in the waste tagged inert/compost imply?” Coutinho demanded to know from the authorities.Two samples were collected by the GSPCB team on Thursday in the presence of Goa Waste Management Corporation and Margao municipality officials. Articles like shoes, syringes, batteries and plastics were found during the inspection.

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